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Trained over 6450 Learners on Digital Inclusion in Classroom

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Why EfDI?

We are committed to helping educational organization solve tough problems...

For Education Leaders

Our goal is to support education stakeholders with the best practice frameworks and tools

For Educators

We support educators with training and skills to survive 21st century classroom

For Learners

We are making learners see the future by equipping them with technology to support their education

We help educators and edu leaders around the world use technology to solve tough problems in education.

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#Discover Our kIDs Coding Inititiative
Hands-on Coding Skills for Young Learner

We combine the power of making and coding to give young learners physical computing skills needed to be a good future programmer

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Proud of change we are making and the innovation we are bringing into the ecosystem

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AI should be a critical element of any STEM Curriculum in Schools. No Time Integrate than Now